Australians depend on chefs and restaurants for great quality, delicious seafood.

Every day, more and more diners are conscious of where their fish is from and how it was caught or farmed.

So we’ve consulted with chefs and seafood providers to produce The Good Fish Project, to help you confidently use and promote seafood that doesn’t harm our oceans.

Australia’s restaurant and catering industry can have a huge influence on the seafood supply chain. By serving sustainable seafood, industry professionals can use their powers for good, and make a real difference to the way we produce seafood. Healthy oceans with abundant fish stocks are in all of our interests so we can enjoy fantastic quality seafood for generations to come.

“We’re lucky enough that our local seafood is among the best in the world. The decisions we make today will determine whether we can continue to enjoy the same delicious seafood menu for generations to come.”
- Simon Bryant, Chef and TV Presenter.