About Us

About the Good Fish Project

With sustainable seafood fast becoming one of the hottest global food trends around, every day, more and more diners are conscious of where their fish comes from and how it is caught or farmed. In response to growing demand for information on what ‘sustainable seafood’ means and what serving it can mean to your business and your customers, the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) has consulted with chefs and catering professionals to produce the Good Fish Project.

The Good Fish Project is Australia’s first sustainable seafood resource designed specifically for chefs, restaurants and food professionals. The website features an ocean of information on seafood sustainability, as well as inspiration from those already sourcing and selling sustainable seafood. This industry guide to sustainable seafood provides information on what the fishing industry, conservationists, restaurateurs and others are doing to ensure Australia’s oceans can keep on providing.

About AMCS

The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) is the voice for Australia’s ocean wildlife. AMCS is Australia’s only national charity dedicated exclusively to protecting ocean wildlife and their homes.

We are an independent charity, staffed by a committed group of professional and passionate scientists, educators and advocates who have defended Australia’s oceans for 50 years. Our paid and volunteer staff work every day on behalf of the community to protect our ocean wildlife.

AMCS works on the big issues concerning the sea. We work to recover our threatened species, make our fisheries sustainable and create marine national parks, places in the sea where our wildlife is safe from harm.


About Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide

Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide is an independent tool for choosing seafood wisely. It was developed in response to growing public concerns about overfishing and its impact on our oceans. Since its first publication in 2004, the Guide has been increasingly sought after by chefs and industry professionals who want to be part of the sustainable seafood future.

The most recent edition of Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide was published in July 2014, and gives an insight into the sustainability of the wide range of seafood available in Australia. It’s a user-friendly guide which lets you search for your fish by name or according to where the fish is caught or farmed in Australia. It also contains information on the most commonly available imports.

The Guide employs a traffic light system to show which species of seafood are a ‘Better Choice’ (green), which it is best to ‘Eat Less’ of (amber) and which should be avoided (red), or ‘Say No’.

The recommendations contained within the Guide are the result of a scientific assessment process of data available on relevant fisheries, backed up by peer review from scientific and conservation experts.

The Guide is not intended to be a certification scheme of individual species or fisheries.

The Guide is available online or as a free iPhone, Android or tablet App.