Salt & Pepper Squid

From Kylie Kwong – Billy Kwong

Serves 4 as a starter.

300g (10oz) squid

1 ½ tablespoons cornflour

1 ½ tablespoons plain (all purpose) flour

5 teaspoons sea salt

2 teaspoons crushed Sichuan peppercorns

vegetable oil for deep frying

4 small iceberg lettuce leaves, chilled

2 lemons, halved

Sichuan Pepper and Salt

1 tablespoon Sichuan peppercorns

3 tablespoons sea salt

Dry-roast peppercorns and salt in a heavy-based pan. When the peppercorns begin to ‘pop’ and become aromatic, take off the heat. Allow to cool, then grind to a powder in a mortar and pestle or spice grinder. (Makes 4 tablespoons; store in an airtight container.)

First, clean & score the squid.

In a large bowl, combine flours, salt & Sichuan pepper. Add squid & toss to coat, shaking off any excess flour.

Heat oil in a wok until the surface seems to shimmer slightly. Add half the squid & deep fry for about 1 ½ minutes or until just tender & beginning to colour. Remove with a slotted spoon & drain well on kitchen paper. Repeat process with remaining squid.

Arrange chilled lettuce cups on a platter & top with squid. Serve immediately with lemon halves.


Recipes collected and donated by the SEA LIFE Conservation Fund.