Leading Chefs

See some of Austraia’s top chefs support the Good Fish Project in our video series, “Pass the Fish”

“…if you want to keep serving great seafood again, and again, and again, you need to start thinking sustainably. It’s in our hands to make sure there’s enough fish to go around.”

Simon Bryant discusses the responsibility Australians and chefs have to our oceans:

“Fresh, local seafood is a much-loved part of the Australian way of life. I’ve found that restaurant guests are increasingly interested not just in the flavour of dishes, they want to know where the seafood on their plate is from and how it was caught.

“The idea of the Good Fish Project is to explain a bit about what sustainable seafood means, what it can mean to you and your business, as well as giving you practical tools and good advice to help you make better menu choices.

“We’re lucky enough that our local seafood is among the best in the world. The decisions we make today will determine whether we can continue to enjoy the same delicious seafood menu for generations to come.” Simon Bryant

Simon Bryant is a chef and tv personality based in Adelaide.

Anna Gare tells us why she finds cooking with sustainable fish exciting:

“….I always make sustainable seafood choices when I can. I’ve got my little App, and I take it to my seafood monger when I’m there and I check if the fish is sustainable – that’s a start. If everyone made a sustainable fish choice over a depleted fish we would be steps ahead.

“I think that it’s really cool to have sustainable fish on the menu. Because: a) you have to think outside the square sometimes with the actual ingredients and what a great way to sell it; and b) you’re also introducing fish that not every other restaurant is serving.” Anna Gare

Anna Gare is an Australian musician and chef, appearing on Junior Masterchef Australia and the Great Australian Bake Off.

Tom Kime talks inspiration and a duty to our seas:

“…The message I’d like to pass onto other restaurants and chefs is that it’s really easy. Being sustainable is not posh or high-brow, it’s not something that’s exclusive, it’s something that’s day-to-day. It’s looking at alternative species, fish that has a certification from an ecolabel, and it’s also providing information to customers. That’s our duty as chefs, that’s what we have to do to – it’s not just serving food. We have to re-educate and inform and inspire our customers to choose sustainably.” Tom Kime

You can visit Tom Kime’s restaurant, Fish & Co., in Sydney.

Ryan Squires serves up the truth at his restaurant:

“… The tonnes and tonnes of fish that would go through restaurants nationally is phenomenal, and it’s totally the chefs responsibility to put on the menu what they feel is sustainable.

“The fish monger’s going to tell you what you want to hear. You have to wiggle in there and find out the truth.

“This is the fun bit about my job is the creativity and knowing how to work with these species and get the most out of them.” Ryan Squires

You can visit Ryan Squire’s restaurant, Esquire, in Brisbane.

Richard Webb, Swampdog fish & chip shop owner, delves deep into sustainability:

“…I decided I wanted to source more sustainable fish. The first people I rang were the Australian Marine Conservation Society, and then the Australian Conservation Foundation. Since then I’ve talked to the Government through various agencies, fisherman, and farmers. Each time you talk to someone you get a little bit more information and then the next person you talk to you ask a better question. Now I have a much more intimate knowledge of where my fish is coming from.” Richard Webb

You can visit Swampdog in Brisbane.

Kylie Kwong reflects on her past sustainability work:

“I’ve been concerned about sourcing sustainable seafood for some time now. For me, it’s not just about the health of the oceans, it’s about ensuring that as a chef and restaurant owner I can keep dishing up high quality seafood to my customers. I’d encourage all chefs to find out a bit more about sustainable seafood, and I’m pleased there’s now the Good Fish Project specifically for those in the restaurant business.” Kylie Kwong

You can visit Kylie’s restaurant, Billy Kwong, in Sydney.

Videos directed and produced by Nick Fletcher