Links to Government Reports

The Australian Commonwealth, State and Northern Territory Governments produce fishery reports that provide detail on the abundance of fish under Australian management. These documents form a crucial part of many of the assessment processes used by the organisations listed below, but if you want to go straight to the source, we’ve provided the relevant links.

Commonwealth Fishery Stock Status Reports, published annually.

The Status of Key Australian Fish Stocks. This document provides an authoritative and thorough assessment of the status of stocks around Australia. Note that it does not consider environmental impact, management or bycatch (although there are notes regarding these factors). The first report was produced in 2012, with a second edition produced in 2014.

Whereas the states and the Northern Territory also produce stock status reports, in some instances, the jurisdictions have aligned their reporting system with the Status of Key Australian Fish Stocks report; therefore stock health in these jurisdictions is increasingly being reported in one central document.

QueenslandStock status of Queensland’s fisheries resources, published annually.

New South Wales- Status of Fisheries Resources in New South Wales.

Victoria – There is information on Victoria’s fisheries on the Department of Environment and Primary Industries website.

Tasmania – The State doesn’t produce an annual report, but more information on their commercial fisheries is available on the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment website.

South Australia – The last South Australian Fisheries Resource document was produced in 2006. More information on SA managed commercial fisheries can be found on the Department of Primary Industries and Regions SA website.

Western Australia - Western Australian State of the Fisheries Report, published annually.

Northern Territory – Northern Territory Fishery Status Reports, published annually.