Guides for Taking Action

How to write a letter to the editor

If we don't speak up about pollution, overfishing, or our warming oceans - then who will?

Tips for calling MPs

A phone call directly to your MP's office is powerful — it shows them you care about our oceans.

Meeting with your Member of Parliament (MP)

Your elected representatives have a responsibility to meet and hear your concerns about our oceans.

Plastic Revolution Action Pack

Together, we can break the toxic cycle of plastic pollution – if we start today.


Ocean Plastic Pollution Posters

Download powerful ocean plastic pollution posters to help reduce plastic waste.

Stop Adani Posters

Help grow the movement to #StopAdani an save our reef, with these posters!

What is Sustainable Seafood?

Help raise awareness about sustainable seafood and make a change today.

What is Farm Fishing?

Is farm fishing sustainable? Get the facts and choose sustainable fish.