About the Project

The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) shares a common goal with many of the NGO’s in Australia: sustainable fisheries today and into the future in order to protect the health and productivity of our oceans and our fishing industries.

The Good Fish Project was developed to arm chefs and food businesses with the tools necessary to chart their own course towards developing a sustainable seafood sourcing policy for their restaurant. At AMCS, we realised that on occasion, the mere mention of sustainable seafood sends shivers down the spines of some, as it just seems too complicated. The Good Fish Project aims to provide the tools necessary to enable chefs to make better decisions about the seafood they purchase.

Every restaurant is different, holds different values and speaks to a different customer base; by developing an individual approach makes for a better relationship between a restaurant and customers, creates trust and ultimately helps further the use of sustainable seafood.

Following advice from our chef friends and those in the restaurant business, we hope that we’ve produced information that is of use to you and your business. In our experience in Australia and around the world, charting a path towards sustainable seafood is both an exciting business opportunity and a tool to drive real change in the way our ocean resources are managed for the future. After all, we all want a continuous supply of the best quality seafood available to us all in the future.